Administrative Staff

The Philadelphia Orchestra and Kimmel Center, Inc.



Matías Tarnopolsky, President and Chief Executive Officer

Ryan Fleur, Executive Director
Judia Jackson, Chief People and Culture Officer
Doris Parent, Chief Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Access Strategies (IDEAS) Officer
Katherine Schimmer, Director, Strategic Initiatives
Kristen Chun, Manager, Civic Affairs
Colleen Coffey-Snyder, Manager, Office of the President and Chief Executive Officer



Jeremy Rothman, Chief Programming Officer
Education and Community
Danielle Allen, Vice President
Eliza Bailey, Director, Theater and Dance
Maya Jacobs, Director, Instrumental Music
Philip Sumpter, Director, Community Engagement
Adrian Rosas, Manager, Orchestral Music Programs
Mark Wong, Manager, Theater and Dance Education Programs
Nadine Choucri, Coordinator
Briana Marshall, Coordinator
Orchestral Programming
Makiko Freeman, Artistic Administrator
Andrew Mellor, Audio Producer and Engineer
Stephen Alston, Assistant to the Music Director and Artist Liaison
Christa Bean, Manager, Artist Services
Carolyn Hupalowsky, Manager, Artistic Administration
Theatrical Programming and Presentations
Frances Egler, Vice President
Napoleon Gladney, Senior Programming Manager
Stacey Ferraro, Programming Operations and Events Manager
Laura McClatchy, Programming Artist Relations Manager
Morgan Sommer, Programming and Events Assistant
Tyler Daddario, Producing Associate



Tanya Derksen, Chief Artistic Production Officer
Orchestra Production
Marilyn Rife, Senior Director, Orchestra Personnel and Tour Residencies
Kimberly Barna, Senior Manager
Brooke Bartolome, Assistant Personnel Manager
Michelle Zwi, Operations and Touring Manager
Lucia Lostumbo, Operations Coordinator
Andre Barette, Director
King Rogers, Senior Production Manager, Academy of Music
Elizabeth DeVore, Production Manager, Performance Services
Eric Hagenbarth, Production Manager, Miller Theater
Eileen Harris, Production Manager, Verizon Hall and Special Projects
Chris Nelson, Production Manager, Ancillary Spaces
Adam Steinbauer, Production Manager, Perelman Theater and Education
Alison McLeod, Associate Production Manager
Cassidy Werkheiser, Administrative Coordinator
Academy of Music
Timothy Johnson, Head Electrician
Kevin McEntee, Head Props
Beverly Nolan, Head Wardrobe
William Ringland, Head Carpenter
Greg Canzanese, Flyman
Kevin Barrett, Assistant Head Props
Jim McPeak, Assistant Head Carpenter
Scott Smith, Assistant Head Electrician
Steve Weber, Assistant Head Utility
Kimmel Center
Suzan Cerceo, Head Wardrobe
Christopher Hanes, Head Carpenter
Kenneth Nash, Head Audio
Michael Sweeney, Head Electrician
Ali Blair Barwick, Assistant Head Electrician
Ryan Morris, Assistant Head Electrician
Walter Bass, Assistant Head Audio
Walter Brown, Sr., Assistant Head Audio
Michael Cobb-Durkin, Assistant Head Electrician
Edward Klumpp, Assistant Head Carpenter
Miller Theater
Bridget Brennan, Head Wardrobe
Christine Gaydos, Head Props
Dan Imburgia, Head Audio
Jay Madara, Head Electrician
Pete Mohan, Head Carpenter
Dave Cushing, Flyman
Stephen Hungerford, Assistant Head Carpenter
Joey Narducci, Assistant Head Electrician
Melissa Williams, Assistant Head Utility



Dan Ahearn, Jr., Manager
Michelle Messa, Assistant Manager
Tad Dynakowski, Assistant Treasurer
Marie McCarthy, Assistant Treasurer
William Qualls, Assistant Treasurer
Thomas Sharkey, Assistant Treasurer
Mike Walsh, Assistant Treasurer



Ashley Berke, Chief Communications Officer
Darrin T. Britting, Director, Publications and Content Development
Stephanie Williams, Director
Travis Wurges, Video Producer
Roberta Gorin-Paracka, Digital Asset Manager
Alyssa Moore, Coordinator



Mitch Bassion, Chief Philanthropy Officer
Anna Marie Gewirtz, Vice President, Philanthropy
Liz Saccardi, Associate Vice President, Philanthropy
Ellen Exner, Administrative Manager, Development and Governance
Sheila Watts, Administrative Manager, Governance
Annual Fund
Andrea Gartner, Senior Director
Jennifer Pratt Johnson, Director, Annual Fund
Kathleen Moran, Membership Manager
Matthew Palmer, Membership Manager
Juan Carlos Mata, Development Coordinator
Development Services
Linda Miller, Senior Director
Madilyn Hotchkiss, Manager
Emiline Homan, Manager, Donor Research and Strategy
Wesley Hershner, Data and Research Analyst
Yvonne Toot, Development Coordinator
Donor Relations and Stewardship
Mitra Keykhah, Senior Director, Stewardship Programs
Jennifer Monahan, Director, Development Events
Joseph Sinkus, Director, Donor Relations
Erika Wilson, Director, Development Communications
Samantha Noll, Senior Manager, Development and Volunteer Relations
Institutional Giving
Ruth Auslander, Managing Director
Lisa Hensiek, Director
Rachel Holder, Manager
Rob Ruzanic, Grants Manager
Philanthropic Engagement
Helen Radenkovic, Managing Director
Kimberly V. Nelson, Senior Officer



Matt Suydam, Senior Director, Facilities and Security
Jennifer Stark, Director, Capital Projects
Scott Derkacz, Facilities Manager
Shannon Walsh, Master Scheduler
Kevin Quinn, Chief Engineer
Derrick Johnson, Lead Maintenance Mechanic
Jonathan McCarthy, Maintenance Mechanic
Gary Stanford, Maintenance Mechanic
Kevin Hamilton, Dockmaster
Trondell Hill, Housekeeping Project Manager
Angela Schiavo, Painter
Christine Lauer, Administrative Assistant
Safety and Security
Jason Burnett, Safety Manager
Matthew Lally, Security Manager
Euronn McCloud-Armstrong, Security Manager
Henri Byrd, Security Supervisor
Anthony Williams, Security Supervisor
Roland Carbonetta, Jr., Security Officer
Olivia C. Castillo, Security Officer
Clarence Cottman, Security Officer
Veronica Dyson, Security Officer
Nashay Edwards, Security Officer
Ronal Emile, Security Officer
Kenneth L. Gilliard, Security Officer
Rodney Howard, Security Officer
William Hudson, Security Officer
Benjamin Levin, Security Officer
Taebreya Lewis, Security Officer
Mia Lowry, Security Officer
Sara Mahan, Security Officer
Mian Mason, Security Officer
Dominique McCall, Security Officer
Gregory Meek, Security Officer
Randall Monte, Security Officer
Jermaine Pierce, Security Officer
Thomas Pierce, Security Officer
Kenneth Reaves, Security Officer
Timothy Ryan, Security Officer
David Sisco, Security Officer
Mark Thomas, Security Officer
Lashawn Washington, Security Officer
John Wilsman, Security Officer
Joseph Young, Security Officer



Carrie Reynolds, Director
Audrey Gildea, Senior Sales Manager
Caitlin Crowley, Event Sales Manager


Mario Mestichelli, Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer
Ruth Kasow, Vice President and Director
Jacob A. Jessup, Associate Vice President and Controller
Kevin Pearce, Controller
Kathleen Curtis, Director, Budget and Planning
Ashley Willcox, Senior Accounting Manager
Laura DiGiambattista, Accounting Manager
Edward Johnson, Payroll Supervisor
Kristoffer Domingo, Senior Accountant
Bridget Morgan, Senior Accountant
Jennifer Munster, Senior Accountant
William Ott, Senior Accountant, Budget
Lauren Tighe, Senior Accountant
Zachary Miller, Staff Accountant/Accounts Payable
Mona Song, Staff Accountant
Binh Vo, Staff Accountant/Accounts Receivable, Billings, and Collections
Matthew Demetrides, Accounts Payable Accountant
Jamie Zorrilla-Gray, Staff Accountant/Accounts Payable
Jessica Kerler, Accounting Coordinator
Julrena Outen, Payroll Coordinator



Barbara Crane, Vice President
Arthur Curtis, Managing Director
John Callinan, Director, Technology Infrastructure
Eugene Gagliardi, Senior Network Engineer
Pari Dasmuth, IT Project Manager
Tristian Gay, Cloud/Systems Engineer
Mohammed Djaballah, Data and BI Developer
Fnu Divya, Data and BI Developer
Mark Macalanda, Quality Assurance/Testing Analyst
Leo Konkel, IT Support Engineer
Mpho Reed, IT Support Engineer



Crystal Brewe, Chief Marketing and Audience Experience Officer
Doménica Castro, Administrative Assistant
Audience Experience
Lindsay Berckman, Director, Audience Experience
Kyleigh Taylor, Associate Director, Audience Services
Katie Masterson, Senior Manager, Events Services
Carla Pontarelli, Senior Manager, Guest Services
Julie Bernard, Manager, Operations Support
Shawn Cotugno, Venue Manager, Academy of Music and Miller Theater
Korey Jones, House Manager
Thomas J. Kerrigan, House Manager
Todd Kunze, Venue Manager, Kimmel Center
Erin Lunsford, Administrative Manager
Lauren Mayers, House Manager
Devin Randall, House Manager
Raynard Archer, Operations Support
Xavier Burgess, Operations Support
Tyshawn Burrell, Operations Support
Andrew Hight, Operations Support
Zapheir Johnson, Operations Support
Audience Services and Ticketing
Matt Cooper, Vice President, Audience Services
Meg Hackney, Director, Ticketing and Audience Services
Laronda Richardson, Director, Client Services and Continued Experience Improvement
Jayson Bucy, Associate Director, Ticketing Operations
Owen Groce, Audience Services Manager
Emily Grove, Training Manager
Catharine Pappas, Subscription Project Manager
Rachelle Seney, Ticketing Operations Assistant Manager
Rhianna Brunson, Ticketing Operations Associate
Anthony Mullins, Audience Services Supervisor
Chrisla Dor, Priority Services Coordinator
Matthew Enters, Quality Assurance Coordinator
Jack D. Labbe, Priority Services Coordinator
Seth Beasley, Lead Audience Services Representative
August Greenberg, Lead Audience Services Representative
Rob Lawlor, Group Sales Representative
Elijah Doss, Audience Services Associate
Damarise Johnson, Audience Services Associate
Joshua Miller, Audience Services Associate
Victoria Narvaez, Audience Services Associate
Takyah S. Rivers, Audience Services Associate
Elisa Serafin, Audience Services Associate
Nicola Scicchitano, Audience Services Representative
Thursha Sutherland, Audience Services Representative
Susan Borowsky, Administrative Assistant to the Vice President
Digital Marketing
Daniel Christiansen, Senior Director, Digital Marketing Strategy and Web
Winona Wyatt, Director, Digital Marketing
Karina Kacala, Director, E-Marketing Optimization and Innovation
Sarah Biddle, Manager, Digital Marketing
Brooke Grant, Web Content and UX Manager
Rachael Micucci, Marketing Manager, Customer Journey
Marie Altmann, Digital Marketing Associate
Institutional Marketing
Sophia Konopelsky, Director, Institutional Marketing
Kiki Olmedo, Senior Manager, Brand Strategy and Creative Services
Kacy Hofstetter, Manager, Institutional Marketing
Emma Noel, Marketing Associate
Ben Brotman, Graphic Designer
Programmatic Marketing
Leslie Patterson-Tyler, Vice President, Program Communications and Partnerships
Elizabeth Hess, Associate Vice President, Program Marketing
Geoff Cohen, Associate Vice President, Orchestra Marketing
Victoria McCabe, Director
Ashley Ryan, Director
Lauren Hall, Senior Manager, Public Relations
Carrie Williams, Programmatic Marketing Manager
Erica Barry, Assistant Manager
Matthew Nicolosi, Senior Data Analyst
Manisha Modi-Davis, Manager, Audience Development and Group Sales
Alec Newell, Manager, Audience Development and Affiliates
Zoe King, Data Analyst
Alison Hopkins, Marketing Associate
Morgan Horell, Marketing Content Associate
Erin Witman, Programmatic Marketing Associate



Karen M. Tomlinson, Vice President
Jessica Rivera, Director, Compensation and Benefits
Christopher Shaw, Director, Talent and Culture
Kathie Cronk, Operations Manager, Special Projects
Indonesia Young, Talent Acquisition Specialist
Nahema Rivers, Administrative Services Manager
Ashley Colston, Coordinator



300 South Broad Street
Philadelphia, PA  19102
Phone: 215.893.1900



Business hours:
The Academy of Music
Broad and Locust Streets
Philadelphia, PA  19102
Tickets: 215.893.1999

Concert dates
(two hours before concert time):
The Kimmel Center
Broad and Spruce Streets
Philadelphia, PA  19102

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