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Music Auditions

Thank you for your interest in The Philadelphia Orchestra. The Philadelphia Orchestra is an Equal Opportunity Employer. You can receive information regarding all Orchestra (musician) openings by contacting us at:

The Philadelphia Orchestra
One South Broad Street | 14th Floor 
Philadelphia, PA | 19107
Fax: 215.985.0191

Upcoming Auditions:

Section Bass

The audition rounds will take place January 9-14, 2017.

Employment will begin based on the winner's availability and The Philadelphia Orchestra schedule.

Please submit a one-page resume to Section Bass Auditions by email (auditions@philorch.org) or mail, postmarked no later than November 25, 2016. Complete audition information will be mailed after December 5, 2016.

Section Bass Audition Repertoire

*Please check back periodically as this list is subject to change

Excerpts unavailable for purchase will be emailed to candidates upon the receipt of the individual's audition confirmation.