Fall 2021 Season: Frequently Asked Questions

Fall 2021

As we approach the 2021–22 season when we will return to live, in-person concerts and continue presenting concerts on the Digital Stage, we understand that you may have questions. We will do our best to provide you the most up-to-date and detailed information. Please continue to check this page for updates.  

You can also contact us online at any time. 

Thank you in advance for your continued support and patience as we work to safely bring you and Your Philadelphia Orchestra back together in Verizon Hall.

How are you assuring that it will be safe to return to Verizon Hall this fall?  
We will be following City and Commonwealth guidelines, including increased use of disinfectants, social distancing, mask enforcement, and improved ventilation. While we can’t foresee exactly how the COVID-19 pandemic conditions will evolve, we will continue to work closely with our partners at the Kimmel Center, Penn Medicine, and local health authorities to respond and adapt appropriately. The safety of our audience, musicians, and staff is our top priority. For more information, please visit philorch.org/plan-your-visit

To learn more about the Kimmel Center’s safety measures, please visit https://www.kimmelculturalcampus.org/plan-your-visit/safe-clean-commitment.

Will I have to wear a mask to Verizon Hall concerts?  
Based on current public health guidelines as of Wednesday, May 5, 2021, we will require our audience, staff, and musicians to wear masks while on the Kimmel Cultural Campus and in Verizon Hall during a performance. 

With our first Verizon Hall performance scheduled for October 2021, there may be updates to health and safety protocols that we won’t know until closer to the start of the season. Rest assured, we will continue to work with our partners at the Kimmel Center, Penn Medicine, and local health authorities to develop protocols based on current information and guidelines. We will communicate this information to patrons as it becomes available.

How has Verizon Hall been adapted for social distancing?  
To accommodate current public health guidelines, seating in Verizon Hall has been adapted to a limited capacity with socially distant parameters. Features include “pod” seating configurations of two seats (with a few three- and four-seat pods) throughout the hall. Currently, pods are spaced 6 feet apart throughout the hall. Similar to other venues that offer pod seating configurations, patrons will be required to purchase a complete pod. As conditions evolve, so will our seating options.

Social distancing applies to members of the Orchestra as well, and in order to keep the musicians safe, we have installed a temporary stage extension that stretches out over the first 12 rows of the Orchestra section.

Will there be accessible seating options for fall 2021?  
Yes! Accessible seating will be available in Verizon Hall this fall. For more information on accessibility, please visit philorch.org/accessibility or contact Patron Services at 215.893.1999.

What if I am not ready to attend performances in Verizon Hall this fall?
While we all are facing the COVID-19 pandemic together, everyone’s experience and comfort levels are different. We want you to return to Verizon Hall when you are ready. To allow for the most flexibility, patrons will be able to purchase Create-Your-Own subscriptions and/or individual concert tickets this fall based on their comfort level. 

Please note: Traditional fixed seat subscriptions from the COVID-19 impacted 2019–20 and 2020–21 seasons will be available for renewal once we are able to return to our full capacity Verizon Hall configuration in January 2022.  

For more information about recent subscription orders and fall 2021 subscriptions, please contact Subscriber Services at 215.893.1955  or PatronServices@ticketphiladelphia.org. Subscriber Services is available to assist you Tuesday–Friday, 10 AM–5 PM.

Will I be able to sit in my regular subscription seats in fall 2021?  
Due to the implementation of the temporary stage extension and socially distanced seating, we will not be able to offer subscribers the opportunity to renew their regular seats or create a fixed-seat package during the fall portion of the 2021–22 season. To accommodate these modifications, you can create-your-own subscription package from the concerts and seats available this fall. 

We anticipate returning to our regular seating configuration and subscription package offerings beginning in January 2022. More details about that portion of the 2021–22 season will be made available in early September. You can learn more by visiting philorch.org/subscriptioninfo.

Will LiveNote® be featured on Verizon Hall concerts this fall?  
At this time, LiveNote will not be available for fall 2021 performances. Please continue to check philorch.org/livenote for more updates throughout the 2021–22 season.

Will concerts on the Digital Stage continue in fall 2021?  
Yes! Digital Stage presentations will continue this fall. You can purchase a Digital Stage Create-Your-Own subscription or add on Digital Stage concerts to a Verizon Hall Create-Your-Own subscription. 

Learn more about the Digital Stage and upcoming programs at philorch.org/digitalstage.

How can I purchase a subscription? Will I receive an order form for fall 2021 in the mail?  
Verizon Hall and Digital Stage Create-Your-Own subscriptions for the fall portion of the 2021–22 season will be available for purchase online and by phone at 215.893.1955 for the general public on May 26, 2021, at 12 PM. 

If you would like to pay for your fall 2021 subscription by check, please call Subscriber Services at 215.893.1955. You can place your subscription order over the phone and then will receive an invoice in the mail for which you can then pay by check. 

Since we are not renewing fixed seat packages for the fall portion of the 2021–22 season, we will not be mailing out subscription renewal/order forms. Traditional fixed seat package subscribers can expect to receive a renewal notice in September 2021 for our spring 2022 season which begins in January 2022. 

For any additional questions, please contact Subscriber Services at 215.893.1955 or PatronServices@ticketphiladelphia.org. Subscriber Services is available to assist you Tuesday–Friday, 10 AM–5 PM.

I don’t want to purchase a subscription. When will individual concert tickets be available for fall 2021?  
Tickets for individual Verizon Hall and Digital Stage concerts will be made available for purchase in mid-August. Until then, patrons can purchase Create-Your-Own subscriptions for fall 2021. Stay tuned for more information! 

Will community rush tickets be available for fall 2021 Verizon Hall concerts?  
We will continue to offer day-of concert community rush tickets this fall. Details about this opportunity will be shared closer to the start of the 2021–22 season. For updates, please continue to check philorch.org/community-rush

When will you announce the second half of the 2021–22 season?  
We plan to announce programming and details for the second half of the 2021–22 season in early September. Beginning in January 2022, we hope to return to a full capacity Verizon Hall with our typical seating configuration, subscription packages, and ticketing options. 

Stay tuned for more information! 

I paid for my 2020–21 subscription and was told my package would be transferred to the 2021–22 season. How will I know that happened?  
For any paid 2020–21 subscription, the amount paid has been converted to an account credit, unless the subscriber elected to take a different action such as donating their subscription funds or requesting a refund. The credit will be available to use for any Philadelphia Orchestra purchase, including Verizon Hall concerts, Digital Stage concerts, and parking passes this season and in the future.

For more information, please visit philorch.org/myaccount, or contact Subscriber Services at PatronServices@ticketphiladelphia.org. Subscriber Services is available to assist you Tuesday–Friday, 10 AM–5 PM.

What is The Philadelphia Orchestra doing until concerts resume in the fall?  
Our musicians and staff continue to create engaging and meaningful musical experiences for our patrons and community. Watch and listen to Your Philadelphia Orchestra through these digital offerings: 

Digital Stage: The Digital Stage is The Philadelphia Orchestra’s digital platform, a new standard in classical digital performances. Through the Digital Stage, we continue our commitment to providing music of the highest artistic caliber imbued with deep civic purpose and social responsibility.  

Digital Stage content is available on philorch.org. Patrons must have a registered My Account to purchase tickets and to access performances.  

Our City, Your Orchestra, a series of FREE online concerts performed by small ensembles, recorded without audiences at Black-owned businesses and iconic cultural locations throughout the region.

Digital Sound All Around, the popular family-friendly concert series hosted by award-winning storyteller Charlotte Blake Alston, continues this season digitally! Each concert introduces the audience to a member of the string, woodwind, brass, or percussion family. Sound All Around performances are available to watch on demand. Registration is required and you will be asked to donate what you wish as part of the registration process. Your contribution will help support programs like Sound All Around!

HearTOGETHER, a monthly podcast series of dialogue and music with industry thought leaders and guest artists who will continue to explore racial and social justice, and creative equity and inclusion, through the lens of the world of orchestral music.