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Our City, Your Orchestra: Pathways to Housing

Episode 1

Pathways to Housing works to empower people with disabilities to improve their housing stability, achieve better health, and reclaim their lives. Guided by the belief that housing is a basic human right, and everyone deserves a place to call home, Pathways to Housing creates a culture where it is easy to practice kindness, and everyone is welcomed with grace and hospitality.


Episode 2

"We have a simple mission. We find homes, we restore health, we reclaim lives."

This episode of Our City, Your Orchestra features the non-profit Pathways to Housing PA. The organization prioritizes providing unhoused individuals with homes as quickly as possible, as well as providing support to help them engage with the community and stay healthy. Musicians of the Orchestra performed at their Furniture Bank in Kensington, where those in new homes can select furnishings.



Our City, Your Orchestra is supported in part by the William Penn Foundation, with additional support provided through the PNC Arts Alive initiative, and the National Endowment for the Arts.

William Penn Foundation

PNC Arts Alive

National Endowment for the Arts



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