Acting On Good "IDEAS" - Matías Tarnopolsky

What does it take for a 120-year old institution to change? President and CEO of The Philadelphia Orchestra, Matías Tarnopolsky, is determined to find out.

In this episode,  hear the veteran arts administrator reflect on the hectic year that saw concert halls close, but made hearts and minds open in new ways. In this candid conversation with host Tori Marchiony, Matías talks about why institutions like his can't sidestep social issues, what blind auditions miss, and the "universal values" that drive him.

Music in this episode:

  • Price Piano Concerto in One Movement, Michelle Cann & The Philadelphia Orchestra
  • Montgomery Starburst—First Philadelphia Orchestra Performance
  • Various Sermon, Davóne Tines
    III. “You Want the Truth, but You Don’t Want to Know,” from X: The Life and Times of Malcolm X, by Anthony Davis
  • Marsalis Improvisation

Thanks to
Noel Dior & Tim German, Editorial Council
Teng Chen, Audio Engineer